Judge, Do you have an oath Of Office???

JUDGE, DO YOU HAVE an OATH OF OFFICE??? “My court case got dismissed before I even got into the stand cause the judge wouldn’t put his oath on record which I thought was funny but also caught me by surprise at the time! I said sir do you have your oath of office with you today and he said ‘no’ I tried to say my next line but the judge kept talking over me and the baliff told me to shut up then when the magistrate had finished speaking I said ‘ how am I supposed to know your an official magistrate without your oath’ and before I could get the rest of it out he started yelling dismissed and I was ushered out which caught me by surprise a bit so I just left !!”
Gooday friend,
This is Grant, and last Thursday (13 Sept 12) I had a Skype conversation with a young Facebook buddy in South Australia… The above quote is his “word for word” Facebook message to me regarding the BIG “Oath of Office” question above that he asked the Judge for an “alleged and FRAUDULENT / victimless crime traffic offence…”
His case was DISSMISSED immediately, keep readin to discover this POWERFUL remedy :)
Here in the Australia Corporation this can be verified by going to Business.gov.au (see link below)… These entities are attempting to claim against you in a commercial Capacity by ENFORCING STATUTES that only ever have the force of law by CONSENT:)…
Therefore they are attempting to CONtract with your Person or StrawMan. You need to learn when they are attempting to do this, how to recognise it and avoid it.
PLEASE NOTE; all the following I’ve adapted from the Irish Freeman Guide (see attached:) but this is applicable in ANY crown corp country?
1. The Courts are a third party to a commercial dispute. Their purpose is to witness and Facilitate security transactions and they do require the consent of both parties before they Can perform. They are offering you a service. That service is to ‘bear witness to the dispute, Pass judgment and give orders’ – but you are not told that you do not have to avail of this Service! They are offering you a benefit which you are free to waive or decline.
2. Don’t obey any orders and don’t follow any requests. If you do anything they ask of you, you Have granted jurisdiction. The way to get around this once again is to respond with your own Questions or requests or to conditionally accept what is being asked of you.
3. The Language they are speaking is ‘Legalese’ which sounds like English but some words have Very different meanings. Also there are only two official recognised languages in the Austarlian Constitution, namely Irish & English. Feel free to remind them of this and you may insist on Speaking in ‘plain English’ only if you wish.
4. It is also interesting to note that the Judge, the Prosecutor and, if you have a Solicitor, the Defence, not to mention many other ‘justice officials’ are all members of the same society – The Law Society of Ireland. This is a Society that has its own codes, rules and language whichYou are not a member of. So how could you possibly Understand (Stand-Under) it? With all This in mind do you believe you possibly get a fair trial?
5. When you enter court under maritime jurisdiction it is accepted that you have ‘broken a rule Of society’ aka a Statute, and you are going there to receive your punishment or charge. You (or rather your Straw Man) are ‘Guilty until proven innocent’ and you must defend yourself From the accusations.
DO YOU HAVE an OATH OF OFFICE (from the Freeman Guide, page 11, “Standing In Court”);
All ‘Officers of the Court’ must swear an OATH OF OFFICE including the Judge. However, the Judge is not necessarily acting on his Oath when he sits on the Bench. When he is not acting On his Oath he is merely giving his opinion. This holds so much weight in court because people aren’t told that the Judge is after all, just another Man and has no Authority over them! – YOU NEED TO GET THE JUDGES OATH on THE RECORD!!
To do this you can simply ask the Judge –
“Do you have an Oath of Office?”
If he answers No to this question you can then Instruct sheriff, baliff or court duty police office to arrest the imposter on the bench… For this reason they will Most probably say ‘Yes’ at which point you ask;
“Is your Oath here today Judge? Is it on the Record?”
Now this is where you will see It gets interesting because you will find that it most probably is NOT! You must state clearly And unequivocally-
“For and on the record I am accepting your Oath of Office” It is now on the Record!
A Judge must swear an Oath to uphold the Law (NOT statutes), practice Impartiality and to administer justice fairly and without prejudice. When the Oath is “ON THE RECORD” the Judges role now changes,,, “HE MUST PROTECT YOU :) ” if your rights are being infringed upon. HE IS BOUND TO UPHOLD THE LAW (I.e. Common Law) and becomes an un-Interested party whose role is to Ensure justice prevails based on the facts only.
What also happens is you are now “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” and it is now up to the prosecutor to prove your guilt.
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